With Continued Growth Over the Last 6 Months, It’s Evident Both Patients and Providers Are Embracing the Digital Solution to Sharing Health Records

Sep 03, 2018




HealthlinkNY now has 1.6 million affirmative consents from patients, a gain of almost 19% over the past 6 months. “We’re incredibly proud of our growth and that we’re able to offer such an integral tool to both patients and providers. Use of the HIE allows providers to spend more time caring for their patients and allows for patients to receive the quality care they deserve,” says Staci Romeo, Executive Director of HealthlinkNY.

Not only are patients giving consent to their providers to see their record in HealthlinkNY, but connected providers are quickly jumping on the digital train as well. During the last 6 months, connected providers pulled almost 109,066  patient records from the HIE, an increase of 68.5%. During that same period, HealthlinkNY had an increase of 40% in alerts delivered for a total of 341,320 alerts in July of this year. These alerts offer real-time notifications on a range of clinical events that keep providers in the loop on their patients. HealthlinkNY also saw an increase during this time in results delivered with an increase of almost 70% for a total of 110,875 results delivered in July 2018. Results Routing is another great tool that keeps providers informed on their patients by having a report delivered to their EHR whenever they’re named on one of their patients’ reports or results that have been sent to the HIE.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, both patients and providers continue to look for new ways in which to cut back on the mounds of paperwork that comes with every visit. HealthlinkNY continues to find new and innovative ways for providers to use and access the HIE, which ultimately results in better-coordinated care for patients and greater efficiencies for providers. For more information on how to give consent or how to connect with HealthlinkNY, email pr@healthlinkny.com or call (844) 840-0050.

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