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Results Access and Delivery allows providers to stay up-to-date on their patients’ reports and results

Along with alerts, Results Access and Delivery is available for participating healthcare providers. Results Access and Delivery, in real time, will notify providers when they’re named in one of their patient’s reports and results. A provider can be named as the following: ordering, referring, admitting, attending, CC’d, or dictating. This service allows participating providers to remain updated on their patient’s reports and results ultimately leading to higher quality care and greater patient satisfaction.

Providers are instantly sent results when they’re named on patient’s reports and results

Patient reports and results can be delivered from the HIE to a participant. When reports or results name a participating provider are sent to the HIE, the report will then be routed to the provider’s EHR system, myConnections clinical portal, or Direct Mail inbox.

Results Access and Delivery is available for events such as:

  • Radiology reports–including a link to the image
  • Care plans
  • Laboratory results
  • Transcribed reports
  • Imaging with accompanying link

Results can be sent via:

  • HealthlinkNY Direct Mail
  • Displayed directly in your EHR system
  • myConnections Clinical Portal

Additional benefits of using Results Routing are:

  • Access to lab results without the need for a lab interface or an EHR
  • Elimination of time-consuming faxed or mailed lab reports saving time and money for your practice
  • Convenient routing of your patient’s results directly into your connected EHR
  • Ability to increase interoperability as more EHRs can communicate with each other
  • Convenient routing of your patients results directly into your connected EHR
  • Image-enabled results delivery helps meet Meaningful Use criteria
  • Ability to increase interoperability as more EHRs can communicate with each other via CCD and RD

Results Access and Delivery and Meaningful Use

Image-enabled results delivery is available with connected EHRs and assists providers in attaining Meaningful Use Menu Measure 3, which requires image results delivery to a provider’s EHR. This service securely sends the report and accompanying image to the subscribed providers EHR.

For providers trying to achieve Meaningful Use, using Results Delivery will assist in meeting the core measure to incorporate clinical lab-test results into Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) as structured data.

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