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The HealthlinkNY Web Portal is a read-only web-based application, meaning that the only technical requirement is a web browser and an internet connection. The Web Portal allows providers to improve the quality of care through real-time data availability at the point of care.  Reduce duplication of testing and lab work as well as save time by reducing repeated visits due to incomplete records. Use of the Web Portal ultimately improves staff efficiency and lowers costs by eliminating repeated calls and time spent faxing or mailing patient records.

Patient Record Lookup
Quickly and securely access your patients’ consolidated HIE records from multiple sources through the HealthlinkNY Web Portal in a read-only, printable format.

HealthlinkNY Community PACS Viewer
With authorized access to the HealthlinkNY Web Portal, users can load and view multiple patient radiology studies and images at the same time without any additional downloads or login information. View diagnostic quality imaging online, eliminating the need for discs.

Consent Management
The HealthlinkNY Web Portal has a built-in consent management tool that allows authorized users to record patients’ HIE consent choices into the portal.

Multi-Legal Entity Log-On
The HealthlinkNY Web Portal allows providers who practice are employed by different organizations to have the ability choose what Legal Entity they would like to access their patients under.

Statewide Patient Record Lookup
HealthlinkNY Web Portal users can search for a patient’s HIE records throughout New York State. This feature, powered by the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), allows HealthlinkNY Web Portal users access to their patients’ records from any provider in New York State that is contributing data to an HIE.

Secure Messaging, Alerts, and Results Routing
A secure messaging service is incorporated into the HealthlinkNY Web Portal, allowing users to securely communicate with other HealthlinkNY Web Portal users, send clinical document attachments, as well as have alerts and results sent directly to user’s HealthlinkNY Web Portal inbox.

Identity Management and Security
HealthlinkNY manages secure identification authentication prior to granting providers and other individuals access to the HealthlinkNY Web Portal in order to ensure appropriate access to patient records. In addition, HealthlinkNY adheres to federal and state regulations and performs regular access audits to further safeguard patient privacy.

Provider and Public Health Viewer
HealthlinkNY offers qualified providers and public health authorities the ability to securely access individual patient records from all available local, statewide and other data sources accessible by HealthlinkNY via the HealthlinkNY Web Portal.


Coming Soon: Web Portal Upgrade!

HealthlinkNY will migrate its current HIE interface to HealtheConnections’ feature-rich platform to give you improved functionality and services. With HealtheConnections platform, we will be able to offer our participants enhanced technical capabilities such as the ability to filter data, advanced alerting, and improved results routing. Additionally, users will be able to see all patients’ health records, with consent, no matter what age they are. The HealtheConnections platform gives you the most complete picture of your patients by giving you access to state a federal data such as New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS), Veterans Administration (VA), and Department of Defense (DoD) will be accessible.

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