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Access the HIE Directly from your EHR

HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections supports a seamless connection from your own EHR to the HIE, enabling providers to have all the pertinent health information about their patients whenever and wherever it is needed. There are a variety of ways you can connect to the HIE; whether it’s a bi-directional exchange, a pre-built hub for EHRs, or receive real-time alerts on your patients. We have a variety of solutions for any application or workflow.

Connections, Alerts, and Imaging

Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Connection with Consent (ADT)

A single data connection that electronically transmits Admission, Discharge, and Transfer information for patients admitted to a facility. This connection will send patient consent as well.

Medical Document Management Connection (MDM)

The MDM connection transmits new or updated clinical documents and/or the documents’ status. i.e. transcriptions, clinic notes, H&P, etc.

Observation Result Connection (ORU)

An ORU connection sends providers clinical observations (results) for patients, i.e. laboratory results, radiology reports, EKG reports, etc.

Longitudinal Complete Record (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA))

A C-CDA is a complete architecture that is used to create documents and template methodologies for these documents, such as demographics, medications, allergies, lab results, vital signs, immunizations, procedures, care team and care plan information, discharge summaries/instructions, and cognitive status. A C-CDA connection is bi-directional; it sends the participant’s patient information to the HealthlinkNY HIE as well as transports HealthlinkNY HIE data back to the participant.


Alerts will electronically notify providers real-time when patients present at hospital in-patient facilities or emergency departments. The increased awareness provided by alerts during a patient’s care transition improves the quality of care and can ultimately result in fewer hospital readmissions and lower costs. myAlerts are available local and statewide. Click here to learn more.

Results Access & Delivery 

Patient reports and results can be delivered from the HIE to participants. When a radiology report, care plan, laboratory result or transcribed report on which a participating provider is named is sent to the HIE, HealthlinkNY Powered By HealtheConnections can then send to participants via the following routes:

  • Electronic Health Record (EMR) via Real-Time ORU / MDM
  • HealthlinkNY Direct Mail Services
  • No Consent Required–Provider must be Named. Click here to learn more.

Imaging Directly into your EHR

This allows users to load and view multiple patient radiology studies and images at the same time without any additional downloads or login information. This feature also allows the user to be able to send a URL to another user.

Transfer to PACS

This feature would allow the user to transfer the PACS images from one system to another.

Hub Connections

Depending on your EHR vendor, the vendor-associated costs with connecting to the HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections can be significantly lower if a hub connection is built or is already in place. Click here to learn more!

Have more questions? We are happy to help.

Click here to fill out a form to learn more about connecting! We will contact you within 1-2 business days. If you would like to speak to us sooner, you can email or call 844.840.0050 for details.

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