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HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections maintains the database of patient records for a large portion of Upstate New York and beyond. We have the ability to analyze our data and use it to improve outcomes and reduce care costs. In addition to improving outcomes and reducing care costs, HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections can identify health trends within our population base. We can help promote population health by zeroing in on specific conditions to protect those who are the most vulnerable. HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections strives to ensure that our data is used for implementing data quality measures because without quality data our reports would not be accurate, reliable, and complete.

How our data can be used to report, predict, and prevent.

  • Reduce unnecessary and duplicate tests
  • Track patient activity; where they are going for care? What care do they receive? And what are they being treated for?
  • Assist with public health reporting—track conditions and outbreaks based on demographics, disease, and geography
  • Analyze the data to see where intervention strategies can be implemented to avoid preventable readmissions and return visits to the emergency department
  • Compare performance outcomes against readmissions rates, mortality rates, the length of stay, etc.
  • Ensure health plans are meeting performance measures on important dimensions of care and services (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set)
  • Aggregate and normalize patient data for research—data extracts for use by researchers, provide information to healthcare providers and researchers
  • Improve care delivery and outcomes. This data can significantly impact decision-making for everything from screening to diagnosis to surgery within the normal workflow.
  • Identify at-risk population groups, which can help payers and providers target patients who have fallen through the cracks.
  • Proactively contact patients who identify as at-risk for cancer, heart disease, or diabetes based on abnormal results.

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