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All providers can access the HIE via the HealthlinkNY Web Portal. This secure, web-based tool allows healthcare providers to access their patients’ HIE records with a few clicks of the mouse. A username and password are required.

Providers with EHRs are encouraged to connect directly to the HealthlinkNY HIE by establishing a technical interface with HealthlinkNY. HealthlinkNY has established interfaces with the most widely used EHR systems, and can generally connect providers that use these systems at little or no cost. HealthlinkNY is able to connect with most other EHR software applications as well.

The biggest benefit of accessing the HIE is providing patients with a higher level of care because you have their complete medical records at your fingertips.

By connecting to HealthlinkNY you get:

  • Instant access to records: No more wasting valuable staff time chasing records from other providers;
  • The complete medical picture: The patient’s comprehensive medical history is available at the point of care;
  • Safer medicine, less duplication: You’ll see prescriptions and avoid repeating tests;
  • Cost savings: You’ll be able to use your time more efficiently; and avoid playing telephone tag with other providers;
  • Alerts: You will be notified when your patient is admitted or discharged from a hospital or the emergency department.
  • Other valuable services: Providers can use other HIE services such as results routing, alerts, and DIRECT mail.


These are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive. To see the benefits for your specific organization/practice type please click here.

The following information is available to connected providers through the HealthlinkNY HIE:

  • Alerts
  • Care Plans (Goals and Instructions)
  • Care Team Member(s)
  • Date of Birth
  • Discharge Instructions
  • Encounter Diagnosis
  • Functional and Cognitive Status
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Laboratory Values/ Results
  • Medication Allergies
  • Medications
  • Patient Name
  • Preferred Language
  • Problems
  • Procedures
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Radiology and Imaging
  • Sex
  • Smoking Status
  • Transcribed Reports
  • Vital Signs


Only information from the participating providers with a connected EHR (electronic health record) will be included in the HealthlinkNY HIE. Participating providers using the HealthlinkNY Clinical Portal can access the information in the HealthlinkNY HIE, but cannot contribute data.

To see a complete list of participating providers and what data they are sending or accessing click here.

The Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), run and regulated by the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), is a technology network that connects the regional Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) across New York State. Each HIE is managed by a local Qualified Entity (QE), contracted by NYeC. The SHIN-NY allows data to flow from QE to QE so that patients can make sure their providers have their complete medical record anywhere they go for treatment in New York State.

Patients must sign a consent form at each participating organization to authorize their provider to access their record. A photo ID is required. A consent form for each participating organization can be found here.

If a patient wants to deny consent for all Provider Organizations and Health Plans participating in HealthlinkNY, he or say can email or call 844.840.0050 for instructions on how to do so.

If a patient gives consent to the Provider Organization or Health Plan named on the form, that provider may access ALL of the patient’s electronic health information available through HealthlinkNY. This includes information created before and after the date of this Consent Form. The patient’s health records may include a history of illnesses or injuries they have had (like diabetes or a broken bone), test results (like X-rays or blood tests), and lists of medicines they have taken. This information may relate to sensitive health conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Alcohol or drug use problems
  • Genetic (inherited) diseases or tests
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Mental health conditions
  • Birth control and abortion (family planning)


If patients have received alcohol or drug use care, their records may include information related to the alcohol or drug use diagnoses, medications and dosages, lab tests, allergies, substance use history, trauma history, hospital discharges, employment, living situation and social supports, and health insurance claims history. HealthlinkNY’s consent form is SAMHSA compliant, allowing the patient the choice to give providers access to his or her full medical record, thus improving quality and coordination of care. Providers can only see this information when a patient consents to the organization’s access through the HealthlinkNY consent form.

Yes, HealthlinkNY receives immunization records from most connected facilities. If a patient gets an immunization at certain locations that are not connected to the HIE, like pharmacies or retail stores, then the immunization record will not appear in the HIE.

HealthlinkNY works with you to organize your page and customize/optimize your workflow. We understand that you may not need access to your patient’s entire health record and prefer to see only certain aspects. We work with you to streamline the information you receive to make it more user friendly and make our services enhance the quality of care you provide.

Federal and state laws strictly protect the privacy and confidentiality of health information. New York State requires HealthlinkNY and everyone that accesses information through HealthlinkNY to follow the same rules to protect the privacy and security of records shared through this system. Only authorized users can use the HealthlinkNY Clinical Web Portal, and access is audited according to Federal and State requirements. Safeguards like passwords and encryption also keep records from being accessed without proper permission.

Patients can request a report of who has accessed their records. If unauthorized access does occur, HealthlinkNY is required to investigate, remediate, report it to those affected, and take all steps necessary to ensure that such access does not happen again. Patients can obtain an audit report by contacting HealthlinkNY.

The HealthlinkNY compliance team does audits periodically. A report can be found here.

Prior to accessing patient information in the HIE, all users are trained and their identifications are verified. Users must have a medical treatment relationship with a patient, and the patient must grant written consent to their provider in order for the provider to access the patient’s record.

Users leave a digital footprint when accessing records in the HIE, so that HealthlinkNY can see what records were accessed. HealthlinkNY tracks and monitors all activity so there is a trail in the very rare event that someone gains inappropriate access.

There is no cost to participate with HealthlinkNY and signing the HealthlinkNY participation agreement does not bind you to any associated additional costs. HealthlinkNY receives public funding from the New York State Department of Health to provide core Health Information Exchange (HIE) technology services at no charge to our participants as a part of the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY). Many providers take advantage of HealthlinkNY’s fee-based value-added services. Your organization will not incur any costs or fees unless an additional work order for value-added services is signed.

There are costs associated with establishing an interface between your EHR and HealthlinkNY. Providers can take advantage of a variety of incentive programs to help cover some of those. Visit our incentives page to learn more.

Only information from the participating providers with a connected EHR (electronic health record) will be seen in the HealthlinkNY HIE. Participating providers using the HealthlinkNY Web Portal can access the information in the HealthlinkNY HIE, but cannot contribute data.

To see a complete list of participating providers and what data they are sending or accessing please click here.

With most connections, information in the HealthlinkNY HIE is delivered in real-time. In general, the information is sent when providers enter information into their EHR and transmit it to the HIE. However, there are a select few organizations that send batch files at the end of a day.

There are other factors that might delay information from being sent to the HIE. For example, a provider might get an Alert that his or her patient was discharged from the hospital, but will have to wait until the hospital’s doctor reviews and closes out the patient’s encounter information. There are other special circumstances that might delay information from being sent or seen in the HIE, but for the most part data elements are sent to the HIE in real-time.

HealthlinkNY most certainly can. To determine the full scope in which HealthlinkNY can help with your reporting please fill out a request form to set up a meeting to determine capabilities. You can do this by emailing your account manager or emailing

Through HealtheConnections’ platform, minor information will be available birth – 18 years. Below are our current minor health information policies:

Minors under the Age of 10:

Providers can access the health records of their patients who are under the age of 10. There must be an affirmative consent form executed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian in order for the provider to access the record.

  • Parent or legal guardian completes the HealthlinkNY Consent Form on behalf of the minor.
  • Health care provider can access the minor’s HIE record:
    • Parent or legal guardian has provided affirmative consent and Provider-Patient treatment relationship exists;
    • A medical emergency exists and parent or legal guardian has not denied consent on behalf of the minor.


Minors Ages 10 through 18:

Health information is not available for children from the age of 10 until the minor reaches 18 and is considered an adult, except in cases where treatment may be provided to the minor patient without informed consent, such as medical emergencies.

  • HealthlinkNY consent form is not collected by providers for patients in this age range (10-18);
  • Even if consent has been provided for the minor previously, access to the record is denied during the ages of 10-18;
  • Emergency healthcare providers can access the minor’s HIE record if a medical emergency exists.

Simple, for both our patients and providers! HealthlinkNY wants to take their technology platform and services to the next level to better serve our participants and stakeholders. HealtheConnections has a proven platform which provides services previously unavailable to HealthlinkNY’s current participants. Both organizations also share a commitment to providing value to those they serve. For more information on the partnership and to see what new features our providers can expect, click here.

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