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Get Your Patients to Say ‘YES!’

3 Ways to Get More Patient Consents

Your patient’s privacy is our priority. That’s why patients have to sign a written consent form to release their records to other providers. Here are three tips to put your patients at ease and get them to say “Yes!” to HealthlinkNY.

  1. Include a HealthlinkNY consent form with the other forms you present to patients at check-in.
  2. Give these “talking points” to your staff so they can answer questions and encourage patients to give consent.
    • We are committed to protecting your health, so we want to know everything about it, including the care you get from other providers.
    • You’ll save money and time because you won’t have to repeat tests you’ve already taken. You’ll avoid the inconvenience, too.
    • You won’t have the burden of remembering your medications and what other doctors told you, because with your consent, we can look it up ourselves.
    • When we see all of your medical records, we may be able to make a quicker and more accurate diagnosis, and start your treatment plan sooner.
    • We want to spend more time talking to you, and less time asking for information that’s already in your medical records.
  1. Involve clinicians in the process. Have the front line staff red flag patients who do not sign the form or deny consent. During the exam, a nurse or physician can say, “I see you have not given your consent for us to access your medical records from your other providers. Do you have any concerns about allowing us to coordinate your care? It is very safe and secure, and would help us get a more complete picture of your health.”

Want to learn more? Attend any of HealthlinkNY’s online consent education webinars that are available through our website. Consent trainings also can be requested at, or by emailing

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