Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care clinics offer patients convenient after-hours care, but they operate in isolation apart from the patient’s every day care. Connecting to the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE) benefits both urgent care and primary care organizations by keeping both provider organizations in the loop, and ensuring the patient’s continuity of care.

How Urgent Care Clinics Benefit by Connecting to HealthlinkNY:

  • HealthlinkNY can help you save time and avoid costly mistakes. As an urgent care clinic, you are probably meeting the patient for the first time. The clinician needs to get to know the patient quickly, including if the patient has pre-existing conditions or allergies to certain medications or latex.
  • You will rule out diagnoses and identify real issues faster. You have access to your patient’s complete medical history from all of their providers. You do not have to rely on your patients’ memories; you will see their lab results, diagnostic imaging reports, hospital reports, prescriptions, previous diagnoses, and health histories. With more information at your fingertips, you work more efficiently.
  • HealthlinkNY promotes better care coordination for your patients. When patients return to their primary care providers that also use HealthlinkNY, their physicians will have a record of their urgent care clinic visit.
  • You can save time and money. You will be able to save time at check-in and time during the examination because the information you need is available in HealthlinkNY.
  • You’ll keep your EHR system. HealthlinkNY connects to most EHR systems, and we work directly with your EHR vendor to set it up.


HealthlinkNY Services of Particular Benefit to Urgent Care Clinics:

  • Patient Lookup
  • EHR Connection
  • Direct Mail


Use case: https://healthlinkny.com/care-coordination-urgent-care-and-primary-care-how-to-fill-the-missing-link-nw.html

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