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Human services organizations benefit by access to their client’s complete medical picture just as much as health clinicians. There are more than 125 non-clinical organizations that depend on HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections to coordinate care for their clients. Join Achieve, Astor Services for Children and Families, Anderson Center for Autism, Family Services of Westchester, and the Salvation Army, among others, and support your whole patient!

How Non-Clinical Care Entities Benefit by Connecting to HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections:

  • You’ll have better coordination of care. HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConenctions makes it easier for non-clinical organizations to coordinate care for clients. They know if clients have kept their doctor’s appointments, receive an alert if clients are admitted to a hospital, and find clients who move without leaving a forwarding address.
  • You can streamline intake. The myConnections clinical portal gives you access to the complete picture of a client’s health. Within minutes of a client signing the HealthlinkNY consent form, your coordinator can see the client’s demographic information and determine if the client is eligible for the program or not.
  • You can see where your clients are receiving care. With myAlerts, care coordinators can be sent alerts whenever one of their clients is admitted or discharged from an in-patient facility or hospital. These alerts allow the care manager to stay updated instantly, collaborate with hospital staff, and coordinate discharges.
  • You can advocate for your client. Some of your clients might have complex treatment plans. With HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections, you can be a better advocate for your clients by making sure that they are receiving all of the services and treatments they need. By logging into the myConnections clinical portal, you will be able to see what medical treatments your client has received, and the details of each treatment.
  • You can save time and money. By using the myConnections clinical portal and receiving myAlerts, you can dramatically reduce the time you spend calling providers, waiting for faxes, and investigating episodes of care.


Services of Particular Benefit to Non-Clinical Care Organizations:

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