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Join the over 170 licensed radiology sites that are participating with HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections. When you connect to the Health Information Exchange (HIE), you enhance your position as a member of the patient’s entire care team and gain a competitive advantage over other radiology sites. You’ll save time and money by delivering reports online, and you also have access to a patient’s prior imaging results, leading to more informed diagnoses. Interoperability is the future in healthcare—when you connect to HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections, you will be prepared.

How Radiology Sites Benefit by Connecting to HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConenctions:

  • Gain access to prior imaging reports. A patient’s imaging history is available at your fingertips, even images taken during hospitalizations. You can compare past images with current images—all on one screen.
  • You’ll reduce duplicate testing. Save time and avoid insurance challenges.
  • It’s easier to deliver reports. Automatically deliver images directly to all providers named on the report—no need to physically transport images and results to each location.
  • You’ll improve provider satisfaction. More and more providers use HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections to collect patient data from other providers. With HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections, you can deliver reports the way providers want them: online and accessible anywhere at any time.
  • You can protect patient health. Providers throughout New York State, including emergency rooms, have immediate access to your images. If a patient presents at an emergency room, you will save emergency room clinicians valuable time—and possibly the patient’s life—by uploading images to the HIE.
  • You’ll know more about your patient. Because radiologists can access their patient’s complete medical history in the HIE, they can look at the whole patient and put their findings in context.
  • You will improve patient care and the patient experience. When providers have access to images, they can pinpoint abnormalities quicker and hasten diagnosis and treatment. Patient satisfaction increases when they receive a quicker diagnosis, and when they are not responsible for transporting images to their doctor appointments.


Services of Particular Benefit to Radiologists:

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