EMS Agencies

The HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides critical patient records when they are needed the most: in an emergency. The ability to look up patient records when responding to a call saves time, and most importantly, lives. What’s more, EMS agencies and hospitals can arrange a bi-directional data flow between them, ensuring a safer and more efficient hand-off upon arrival.

How EMS Agencies Benefit by Connecting to HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections:

  • You get the information you need—STAT. HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConnections provides accurate answers to the most important EMS questions. EMS can search the patient’s health record to verify existing medical conditions, medications, and allergies, so emergency responders can make more-informed clinical decisions in the field.
  • You help hospitals prepare for the patient. If a connection is built, hospitals can access EMS records to see the patient’s current vital signs and know what EMS treatments were administered prior to the patient’s arrival.
  • You generate valuable data to reduce opioid use. HealthlinkNY Powered by HealtheConenctions captures EMS responses to opioid overdoses, which can be used on a population basis.
  • You can flag non-emergency calls for human services agencies. When EMS agencies are called to respond to non-emergency situations, that information can be captured and presented to the patient’s provider as well as any care management or behavioral health entity caring for the patient.


Services of Particular Benefit to EMS Agencies:

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