Clinical Practices

There are over 1000 individual clinical practices already participating with the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE) throughout the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and Southern Tier of New York. From specialty practices to primary care providers, and everything in-between, the HealthlinkNY HIE helps clinical practices save time and money, and improve care coordination as they increase efficiency.

How Clinical Practices Benefit by Connecting to HealthlinkNY:

  • You’ll save time and avoid costly mistakes. Gain access to your patient’s complete medical history from all of their providers. No more wasting time or chasing down records. You’ll save time by not duplicating tests and having to follow up with the patient.
  • You can keep better track of your patients. HealthlinkNY will send you an alert every time one of your patients is admitted or discharged from the hospital. You can check quickly whether your patient has seen the specialist you recommended—and what that specialist found. Additionally, with HealthlinkNY you can see if you have lost a patient to a competitive health system.
  • Your practice will save money. There’s less paperwork, less sending and receiving faxes, fewer phone calls, and it’s easier to fill in missing patient information by viewing or downloading patient records, including images.
  • Clinicians receive results instantly. Any time you order images, labs, or testing you can have those results routed directly to you.
  • You keep your EHR system. HealthlinkNY connects to most EHR systems, and we work directly with your EHR vendor to set it up.


HealthlinkNY Services of Particular Benefit to Clinical Practices:

  • Patient Lookup
  • EHR Connection
  • Direct Mail
  • Alerts
  • Results Routing


Primary Care Use Case:

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