For This Outreach Coordinator With Catholic Charities of Chenango County It’s All About HealthlinkNY’s Ability to Keep Her Informed

Jan 19, 2018




For Catholic Charities of Chenango County’s Health Home Program, HealthlinkNY’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) has proven to be an indispensable tool when caring for Chenango County’s Medicaid population. The program is aimed at providing care management and coordination services for Medicaid recipients and HealthlinkNY is proud to be able to assist Catholic Charities in boosting their level of care.

“Our staff depends on the HealthlinkNY [HIE] to fill information gaps…” says Nicole Campbell, an Outreach Coordinator with the Health Home Program. Nicole mentioned that at times she cares for clients who may not always remember everything in their medical record but with HealthlinkNY, she’s able to fill in those gaps as well as stay informed on any changes in their medical record.

Why HealthlinkNY Is an Asset in Care Coordination and Filling In the Gaps

As an Outreach Coordinator, Nicole is mainly responsible for supporting clients in the Health Home Program through assisting clients with applications, providing referrals, screenings, and enrolling them in the program. As certain medical criteria must be met in order to be enrolled in the Health Home Program, Nicole often relies on HealthlinkNY’s Web Portal to assist in the screening process. Through HealthlinkNY’s Web Portal, Nicole is not only able to see medications, lab results, transcribed reports, encounters, etc. on her potential clients but she is able to see insurance providers, policy numbers and demographic information as well; all of which are crucial in the enrollment process.

Nicole mentioned that during onboarding, HealthlinkNY consents are obtained from potential clients and within a matter of minutes Health Home staff can go into the HealthlinkNY Web Portal and verify a client’s eligibility for the program. Nicole said that “HealthlinkNY does a tremendous job at saving our agency time in obtaining necessary medical records and medical histories” further commenting on how quickly they can now enroll clients because of HealthlinkNY’s ability to quickly provide the complete picture of a client’s health. In the past, Nicole would rely on getting the information from the client who might not remember their complete medical history or from their providers who would take some time to get back to her.

For Nicole, it is all about filling in the gaps and saving valuable time. With HealthlinkNY, she is able to get her clients enrolled faster so clients receive the care they need sooner.

To learn more about Catholic Charities of Chenango County’s Health Home Care Coordination Program, please click here.

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