Health Information Exchange for Your Workflow

HealthlinkNY’s goal is to make our services as efficient and easy to use as possible. By offering consultations to our participants, we tailor our services to fit your workflow and meet all of your needs. We want you and your organization to use the HealthlinkNY HIE to fullest and want you to experience all of the benefits of the HealthlinkNY HIE.

HealthlinkNY’s Workflow Specialists are available to come on site and help implement the HIE to its fullest potential at your organization. Our Workflow Specialists offer the following services:

  • Implement Care Coordination with providers and services both within and outside of your organization
  • Assess a  provider’s day to day workflow and determine the most effective way for the provider to utilize HealthlinkNY HIE services
  • Continually evaluate a participant’s utilization of the HealthlinkNY HIE and training procedures
  • Monitor and analyze HealthlinkNY HIE effectiveness and update processes if necessary
  • And much more! Call to learn more.


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