What to Expect When Connecting to HealthlinkNY

Connecting your organization to HealthlinkNY is simple and easy; HealthlinkNY staff will be there to guide you through the entire process. The information that is accessible via the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE) is collected from hundreds of providers from across New York State that are connected to and contributing information into the HIE. Prior to initiating the setup process, it is first necessary to determine which type of connection is best suited to meet the needs of your organization. HealthlinkNY offers a variety of connections including Web Portal Access, Alerts, Direct Mail, and the most complete-- Bi-Directional EMR/EHR connection.

Step one: Browse through our services and talk to an account manager. Email pr@healthlinkny.com or call 844.840.0050 to determine what services will fit your organization’s needs.

Step two: Let your account manager know that your organization wants to participate with HealthlinkNY. Your account manager will then make sure the appropriate legal agreements are prepared for your organization. 

Step three: The necessary agreements will be sent to you through Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services.

Step four: Once the Participation Agreement is signed and sent back to HealthlinkNY, the signers will be sent the Management Training Package or receive an in-person management training.

Step five: Work with your Account Manager to determine the technical scope of your connection based on the services that your organization wants. This usually is an over the phone meeting.

Step six: While your connection is being built you can start training your staff. If you will only be using the Web Portal Core Services or Direct Mail, you can start utilizing HealthlinkNY as soon as your staff is trained.

Step seven: If you are subscribing to a service that requires a technical connection, once the connection is built and your staff is trained on proper access and consent collection, your organization is ready to start accessing your patients’ pertinent health information!  


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Click here to fill out a form to learn more about connecting! We will contact you within 1-2 business days. If you would like to speak to us sooner, you can email pr@healthlinkny.com or call 844.840.0050 for details.