Through HealthlinkNY's Health Information Exchange (HIE), your healthcare provider will be able to view your entire medical record - as long as you grant permission. The HIE for our area is a central repository that stores "deposits" of medical records from hundreds of participating providers in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and Southern Tier. This could include:

  • Contact information
  • Medical & family history
  • Doctor visits & hospital stays
  • Medications & allergies
  • Diagnoses, procedures, & radiology images

Think about having a single, centralized health record collected from any location where you receive healthcare. When you go for a second opinion, switch doctors, or are referred to a specialist, your new provider could see all of your previous treatment, lab work, and procedures at the touch of a button. Imagine how important this would be in an emergency or when you need medical attention away from home. If you grant consent, your doctors will be able to view your centralized medical record when and where it is needed.

HealthlinkNY is one of eight Qualified Entities (QEs) in New York State that connect to the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY). The SHIN-NY is a “network of networks” that links New York’s nine regional Qualified Entities (QEs) throughout the state. As part of the SHIN-NY network, HealthlinkNY and other QEs will be able to exchange records between each other. Through the use of the SHIN-NY from Buffalo to Brooklyn, providers will be able to “talk” to each other quickly and securely, accessing up-to-date and accurate clinical information.

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The HIE explained by our Executive Director: