Westchester Health Associates is Honored for Ambitious Value-based Payment Goals

April 6th, 2015 - CPC Practitioners featured in President Obama’s Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network

President Obama is introduced by Westchester Health Associates’ Nancy Beran (Source: Westchester Magazine)

Going against the grain is paying off for Dr. Nancy Beran, CMO of Westchester Health Associates in New York. The health group was honored by the President of the United States for making diligent efforts in improving value based health care, alternative payment methods, and improvements to population health.

Dr. Beran introduced President Obama this past Wednesday at the Healthcare Payment Learning in Action Network. This date also marks the fifth anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare Payment Learning in Action Network is in place to position value over volume in medical care. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) launched the network to aid in work being done to increase the adoption of value-based payments and alternative payment models for Medicare.

Dr. Beran says Westchester Health Associates is embracing alternative payment models to achieve 30% value-based contracting for 2016 and as much as 50% by 2018.

Westchester Health in New York is recognized as a level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home, the highest achievable recognition for a medical group. Westchester Health specializes in physician- patient relationships, as well as coordinating care for patients and using a team approach to improve the continuity of care for patients. 

CPC practitioners were featured at the event to make clear that high-level policymakers and major players in the healthcare industry are recognizing the work of CPC practices and payers.

Westchester Health is a participant in the New York Region of CMS’ Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPC), where THINC leads the multi-stakeholder workgroup.