Alerts Help Providers Keep Track of Their Patients 

Alerts will electronically notify clinicians when patients present at hospital inpatient facilities or emergency departments across our region and throughout New York State. The increased awareness provided by alerts during patients’ care transitions improves the quality of care and can ultimately result in fewer hospital readmissions and lower costs. HealthlinkNY Alerts are delivered via Direct Mail, a connected Electronic Health Record (EHR) as the event occurs, or via a next-day report.


Consent and the Health Information Exchange 

Who is HealthlinkNY? What is a Health Information Exchange? What can HealthlinkNY do for you to help manage your healthcare? A lot. HealthlinkNY takes your medical records from participating providers across the Catskills, Hudson Valley, and Southern Tier and creates one single, centralized and secure community medical record. Learn more at!