Two Hudson Valley Health Homes are Connected to HealthlinkNY

June 5th, 2015 - The Hudson Valley Care Coalition and the CommunityHealth Care Collaborative are now Contributing Data to HealthlinkNY’s Health Information Exchange (HIE)

HealthlinkNY is proud to announce that the Hudson Valley Care Coalition (HVCC) and the CommunityHealth Care Collaborative (CCC) are now successfully connected to the Health Information Exchange (HIE) and are in the process of submitting Plan of Care documents.

 HVCC and CCC are Medicaid Health Homes designed to provide comprehensive care management for select patients with chronic and behavioral health conditions. HealthlinkNY helps enhance the level of care by providing a secure, centralized area to both store and access crucial patient health data from multiple care providers.

Medicaid Health Homes implement a care management service model in which all of the patient’s caregivers communicate with one another to ensure that patient's needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner. As Medicaid Health Homes, HVCC and CCC are able to manage the entirety of an individual’s care through the communication and teamwork of healthcare providers, specialists, behavioral health services, and social service organizations. Health Homes not only aim to improve health care outcomes for eligible patients, but also aim to help reduce Medicaid expenditures through the reduction of emergency room visits and inpatient hospital stays.

Through a focus on services and the utilization of patient tracking, Health Homes help keep patients healthy, while avoiding costly and unnecessary ER and hospital admissions. With the help of the HealthlinkNY HIE, HVCC and CCC are now able to make patient records available to the entire care team, facilitating the coordination of patient care.

When asked about the documentation of Health Home patient records, Georganne Chapin, CEO for Hudson Center said, “Ultimately, this information needs to be centralized.” The HIE provides this centralization so that patients receive safer and more efficient care from their providers while their health records and personal information remain protected.

Chapin went on to add, “It’s an enormous benefit that this information is available [in the HIE] and we don’t have to rely on memory—It’s so obviously needed…”

Each Health Home patient is assigned a care manager who coordinates and oversees access to services and care providers that fit the patient’s specific needs. The connection with HealthlinkNY allows these care managers and the patient’s healthcare providers "one stop" access to the information and tools they need to best care for the patient. HealthlinkNY helps provide continuity as records are shared across the care team so that patients receive higher quality care.

Connection to the HIE creates less stress for both the patient and the provider. Sherri Ehrlich, Senior Director of Business Development & Account states, “We’re thrilled that it worked. It was easy.” Patients can have peace of mind in knowing their information remains secure and confidential, yet is easily accessible to those who need it. HealthlinkNY takes pride in our ability to make a difference in the lives of HVCC and CCC patients, as we commit to improving the quality of care in the community overall.

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