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March 10th, 2015 - $45 million dollars proposed to improve the State Health Information Network of New York

As the second quarter of 2015 approaches, HealthlinkNY and other Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs) across New York State will appeal to our legislators in the senate and assembly to support a proposed $45 million dollar allocation in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Budget Proposal as a part of the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY).

HealthlinkNY has been actively working to improve its Health Information Exchange (HIE) by strengthening its impact on advancing the quality and continuity of care for patients. HealthlinkNY is aggressively working to evolve it’s HIE system through improving the functionality and reliability of their HIE that spans the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and Southern Tier of New York. The HealthlinkNY HIE covers 11 counties, 8,372 miles and nearly 3,000,000 total lives. HealthlinkNY offers their expansive region one central, secure platform that allows healthcare providers immediate access to their patient’s pertinent health information.

“The Health Information Exchange has been invaluable in many ways, particularly when I was practicing in urgent care,” says Dr. Wayne Teris, a physician advisor with Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton. “In terms of college students coming into the area, their primary care physician is probably in another area….” “…they often don’t know their medical history accurately. They don’t necessarily know their allergies, and may not know what medications they’ve been on.” Dr. Teris calls this a perfect example of how the Health Information Exchange is very useful. It delivers all of that information to provide the best possible patient care.

With over 130 healthcare organizations and 300 associated locations connected to the HealthlinkNY HIE, providers across the 11 county region offer superior coordinated care by having their patient’s complete electronic medical health record instantly at their fingertips including data on diagnoses, lab results, procedures, medications, encounters, allergies, transcribed reports, vitals, immunizations and the Community PACS viewer for radiology imaging. Through the Community PACS viewer, HealthlinkNY participants can view their patient’s images from multiple sources with just one click. Whether connecting to the HealthlinkNY HIE via bi-directional EMR connection, the web portal or the iCare Mobile App, providers have instant access to current and complete patient data.

“Although we are using electronic health records widely they don't necessarily communicate with one another. I picture the HIE as a central repository with bi-directional communication throughout the continuum,” says Teris.

Ongoing support from Albany is essential in supporting health care across New York State. The SHIN-NY and its partners are at the forefront of the health care reform and are fully dedicated to supporting patient care, privacy and cost savings for both provider and patient.

HealthlinkNY encourages you to contact your elected officials and urge them to support the $45 million dollar appropriation for the SHIN-NY in the 2015-16 budget proposal.

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