Regency Extended Care Center in Yonkers now Accessing the HIE via the Web Portal

March 1st, 2016 - Regency Extended Care Center in Yonkers completed their training and gained access to their patients’ pertinent electronic medical records via the HealthlinkNY Web Portal. 

Social workers, administrative staff and clinicians were trained on the features of the Web Portal as well as how to collect and enter patient consent. HealthlinkNY anticipates that additional physicians and other staff at Regency will begin accessing the web portal once more patients have granted consent for their providers. Access to the web portal will allow rehabilitative staff to view a complete picture of their patients’ health and previous treatments when preparing and administering a long term care plan. 
Regency Extended Care Center is a 315 bed facility that offers modern, compassionate care and rehabilitation to people who are elderly, convalescent, handicapped or chronically ill. Regency offers a comprehensive variety of specialized services that are administrated by a wide assortment of onsite medical specialists. HealthlinkNY has great confidence that the wealth of health information available for each individual patient through the web portal will be extremely beneficial for medical specialists administering care. Through the web portal, providers at Regency will be able to see diagnoses, lab results, procedures, medications, radiology and imaging, allergies, transcribed reports, discharge summaries, vitals, immunizations and encounters. This information will save time and money for both the patients and providers, significantly cutting down on duplicate testing. HealthlinkNY is excited that Regency Extended Care Center has gained access to our Web Portal and hopes that in the future Regency will be both sending and receiving information to and from the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange. 
Are you a provider interested in gaining access to the HealthlinkNY Web Portal? Please email to learn more!
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