HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange can help providers deliver better-coordinated care to your patients by providing you with quick and easy access to the information that you need from other providers outside of your healthcare organization. The goal of the HealthlinkNY is to make sure that information is available when and where it is needed across the 13 counties we are currently serving throughout the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and Southern Tier.

Providers can access the Health Information Exchange (HIE) via the HealthlinkNY Web Portal a secure, safe, and efficient way to access their patients’ HIE records. Patient records available in the HIE are the following:

Safe, Secure Electronic Health Records through Patient Consent

A key part to keeping our HIE safe and secure, is a patient must authorize consent before their HIE records can be accessed (except in case of an emergency). Patients have the choice to give consent, deny consent, or allow their record to be viewed during emergencies only. Only authorized users can access patient information, the type of information available is determined by the role of the user (clinical or administrative). With the help of a trained registration member of your staff patients will have the opportunity to make their consent choice on the HealthlinkNY Consent Form during the registration process.

How Can You Connect?

All providers can access the HIE via the HealthlinkNY Web Portal. This secure, web-based tool allows health care providers to access their patients’ HIE records with a few mouse clicks. A username and password are required. Providers with EHRs are encouraged to connect directly to the HealthlinkNY HIE. This requires establishing a technical interface with HealthlinkNY. Currently, Medent and NextGen EHR software are supported, and other EHR software interfaces in development.

Practices that currently have electronic record systems through vendors already connected to the HIE may incur little or no cost to exchange information over the HIE. Contact HealthlinkNY to see if any enhancements would be needed to do this.

Providers who do not have an electronic record system can still view patient information on the HealthlinkNY Web Portal via a web browser with no additional software required. Contact HealthlinkNY for details.

Get connected today! Contact HealthlinkNY at (844) 840-0050 or .

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