Federal and state laws strictly protect the privacy and confidentiality of health information. New York State requires HealthlinkNY and everyone that accesses information through the HIE to follow the same rules to protect the privacy and security of your records.

  •  Only authorized medical professionals can access patient information, and only after you sign a consent form authorizing it.
  •  You can request a report of who has viewed your record through the HIE.
  •  Password and encryption safeguards keep records from being accessed without proper permission.
  •  HealthlinkNY is required and committed to investigating any report of suspected unauthorized access. If unauthorized access to your record does occur, someone will inform you right away and take steps necessary to ensure such access does not happen again.

HealthlinkNY is committed to protecting patient privacy. Electronic records and health information exchange are more secure than paper records. Only authorized medical professionals can access patient information. Except in medical emergencies, doctors cannot access your HIE record unless you give them consent.

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For further information on how HealthlinkNY protects your information, please review these documents:

HIE Audit Policy   HIE Privacy & Usage Policies