Premier Health Group Goes Live. Let's Party!

September 13th, 2016 - The new HealthlinkNY deployment team hosts a Live Kick-Off Day in the waiting room to help patients understand how the HIE benefits them, and help the staff obtain patient consent.

With balloons and giveaways, the Live Kick-Off Day at Premier Medical Group on September 7th seemed more like a party than patient education and customer support. And that’s the point.

The kick-off celebrated the Poughkeepsie, New York practice’s new live connection to the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE). The connection enables Premier to share patient medical records—with the patient’s consent— as well as look up their records throughout HealthlinkNY’s 13-county service area. To make sure patients know how much HealthlinkNY benefits them, HealthlinkNY hosted the kick-off in the waiting room, of all places!

“It was great to be on-site and explain to patients how much HealthlinkNY can do for them,” says Debra Maietta, one of the new HealthlinkNY deployment coordinators dedicated to supporting participants after they go live. “We explained that all they have to do is give their written consent, and they will be spared the hassle of filling out form after form, or trying to remember their medications and their medical history. We emphasized that when patients give their consent, their providers can make better treatment decisions because they have a more complete picture of their patients’ medical histories.” Not surprisingly, every person with whom they spoke gave their consent!

The kick-off is one of the new ways that HealthlinkNY is supporting providers after they go live. “The event also celebrated the fact that we have an ongoing relationship with Premier Medical Group that will continue beyond implementation,” says Laura Ciaccio, a HealthlinkNY deployment coordinator. “We want to be the feet on the ground to help roll out the HIE in the organization.”

Ongoing Support to All Participants

HealthlinkNY’s goal is to promote greater HIE utilization by provider organizations, so it is making ongoing support available to existing HealthlinkNY participants as well as new ones. “We are willing to do as much training as necessary,” Ciaccio says. “We are focusing on how the HIE can help their practice and fit their workflow. We are asking providers, ‘What do you want to see,’ and telling them ‘Let’s make it happen together.’”

HealthlinkNY is planning several more Live Kick-Off Days for other organizations that will go live in coming weeks. For providers, the kick-offs are a great way to promote their commitment to offering the best possible care to patients. “We are helping providers build a positive relationship with their patients by explaining how HealthlinkNY really improves the care they receive,” says Maietta.

The events also give HealthlinkNY a chance to observe the office’s workflow in action, Maietta adds. “It’s a quality check to see if we were able to train the staff successfully, and fill in any gaps when we see the office operate in real time.”

HealthlinkNY’s commitment to offering ongoing customer support, says Ciaccio, “stems from always asking ourselves, ‘what can we do better?’ How can we improve the training and service we offer? How can we help providers access the data they need through the HIE so that they can use it for the continuity of care for patients? Are there other opportunities to serve the needs of providers? We never stop thinking about that.”

To learn more about how HealthlinkNY can boost your use of the HIE, contact Laura Ciaccio at or Debra Maietta at