Our New Statewide Alerts Can Travel with Your Patients

April 13th, 2017 - HealthlinkNY has collaborated with our neighboring HIEs to send and receive patient alerts through most of New York.

The HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE) can alert you when your patients are admitted or discharged from emergency departments and hospitals in our region. But health emergencies can happen anytime and everywhere, and patients may not tell their primary care providers that something happened.

Now, HealthlinkNY Statewide Alerts can travel with patients so there’s no gap in care. HealthlinkNY has collaborated with our neighboring HIEs to send and receive patient alerts throughout Central New York, the Capital Region, most of New York City, Long Island, Northern New York, and the Mohawk Valley. So, if your patient is admitted to an emergency room in Brooklyn, you will be alerted in Binghamton.

Here’s why traveling alerts help improve care coordination:

  • You will know when your patients present at emergency departments, so you may be able to prevent an admission.
  • Patient Alerts will notify you of emergency department or inpatient discharges, so you can arrange for follow-up care. (This is really important for long-term care facilities and home healthcare agencies.)
  • When you receive an alert of an inpatient admission, you can coordinate care with the hospitalist and reduce the risk of an avoidable readmission (and the payment penalties involved).
For hospitals that participate with the HealthlinkNY HIE, HealthlinkNY can now send alerts to other HIEs when patients from other regions present or are discharged from an inpatient stay or emergency room visit.

We know hospitals like to keep primary care providers in the loop; now HealthlinkNY can do it automatically for hospital staff.

The next step is yours!

Call HealthlinkNY today and ask us to set up Local and Statewide Patient Alerts for you! Contact your account manager, or email or call our deployment team at pr@healthlinkny.com and 844-840-0050.

We look forward to putting this new enhancement to work for you!