New Consumer Ad Campaign Tells Patients: Just Say 'YES!'

May 12th, 2016 - Nearly 2 million people have seen and heard HealthlinkNY’s new consumer education ads. The message: Sign consent forms to get better care.

If you live and work in the Hudson Valley or the Southern Tier of New York, chances are you’ve heard radio commercials or seen ads online urging you to “Just Say ‘YES!’” to HealthlinkNY. It’s part of HealthlinkNY’s comprehensive consumer education campaign to encourage more patients to consent to let their providers look up their records through the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE). Since the campaign began in February, nearly 2 million people have gotten the message. The campaign will continue through most of this year.

“We’ve constructed a remarkable network to deliver vital information to providers with just a click of a mouse, but its usefulness depends on a single piece of paper — a signed consent form from the patient,” explains Christina Galanis, president and CEO of HealthlinkNY. “So, now we are explaining to consumers that it is safer and easier to have all of their health records stored securely in one place. All they have to do is ‘Say YES’ to HealthlinkNY at their next appointment.”

What Providers Need to Know

HealthlinkNY is telling participating providers to expect that more patients will be asking about HealthlinkNY and want to sign consent forms. Providers also may find that patients will be more receptive to give their consent when asked, so there has never been a better time to ask them. 

Here are several ways you can take advantage of this golden opportunity to obtain consent from as many patients as possible:

  • Alert your staff that patients may bring signed consent forms with them; establish a workflow to collect forms and update patient records accordingly.
  • Educate your staff so they know what “HealthlinkNY,” “consent,” and “health information exchange” mean, so they can answer patient questions. This will help ensure that patients understand why giving consent is a life-saving tool.
  • Attend any of HealthlinkNY’s three weekly online consent education webinars that are available through the website. Consent trainings can also be requested at
  • Include HealthlinkNY consent forms in the paperwork you give to patients when they check in.
  • Ask us for HealthlinkNY brochures to display in your waiting room.
Right now, HealthlinkNY is enhancing its website to allow consumers to download consent forms for each participating provider. Once the forms are available for download later this month, our online ads will encourage consumers to download consent forms and bring them to their next appointment.

“Our consumer campaign is attracting many more visitors to our website, and they are primed to take action,” says Galanis. “We are seizing every opportunity to get consent forms into their hands. Together, providers and HealthlinkNY can work to show patients that a stroke of a pen could save their lives.”