Know Your HealthlinkNY Numbers!

October 18th, 2016 - We’re sending participants monthly metrics so you get the most out of your connection to the Health Information Exchange.

HealthlinkNY works hard to connect providers to the Health Information Exchange (HIE), but our support doesn’t end there. You see, we want you to gain the most value possible from your connection. So, now we are sending you a new monthly utilization report that shows how often clinicians look up patient records, and how many patients are giving their written consent to share their records. These numbers make it easier to spot opportunities to boost clinician use, as well as areas where HealthlinkNY’s account managers can provide extra support.

“Monthly metrics tell us if a provider organization is taking full advantage of all that HealthlinkNY offers,” explains Irene Friday, senior account manager at HealthlinkNY. “It’s a concrete way to see where there is room for improvement, and how our support team can work with you to get the most out of your HealthlinkNY connection.”

The reports show results over time, so the current month’s metrics can be compared to those of previous months. “We are looking for trends,” says Costanzo M. Feo, senior account manager. “We may not be concerned if there is a temporary dip in utilization, but if a clinician stops accessing patient records, then something is wrong, and we are going to help you fix it.”


The monthly report provides four sets of metrics:

1. How many patient consents have been obtained and how many were obtained in the past months. Consents are categorized by type (e.g., permit, deny, or emergency only);

2. How many times clinicians accessed patient records through HealthlinkNY;

3. Which clinicians used HealthlinkNY the most to look up records (the top 20 users are listed);

4. How many and what type of patient records the organization contributed to the HealthlinkNY HIE.


How to Use the Report

As part of its ongoing customer support, HealthlinkNY will review monthly metrics with you. Here are some of the ways you can use the report to spot opportunities for improvement.

Consent Acquisition

Consent numbers should increase or remain consistent each month as your staff becomes accustomed to requesting written consent from each patient during intake. A slow decline over several months or a sharp decline over one month is cause for concern.

HealthlinkNY also looks at how many patients deny consent. If the number exceeds three percent of the total, then the frontline staff may need a list of talking points so patients clearly understand the benefits of and safety in giving consent. 

HIE Patient Access

In a large provider organization, HIE patient access is broken down by location or department. Under-utilization by one group means that group or location needs extra support. You want to see numbers rise each month. If not, HealthlinkNY can work with you to find out why.

The monthly report also lists the top 20 providers accessing patient records through the HIE. These frequent users can share best practices with other providers. If a provider’s numbers are low, that’s an opportunity for the practice manager or hospital technology manager to say, “I noticed you haven’t been accessing patient records. What can we do to help?”

Medical Records Upload

The “Interface in” section of the report shows the volume of patient information the practice is contributing to the HIE, and the type of data, such as allergies, immunizations, medications, problems, procedures, and visits. A sudden drop in a category is a red flag that there may be a technical issue, and it should be investigated.

If you have any questions regarding monthly utilization metrics, please contact HealthlinkNY at