How the SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap is Shaping HealthlinkNY's Future

April 16th, 2018 - The world of health information technology is constantly evolving as it seeks new strategies and advancements to realize greater efficiencies and transform healthcare overall. In New York, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), through the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), have developed the SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap. The 2020 Roadmap is a high-level strategic plan to reach priorities and goals needed to keep up with the changing healthcare landscape through the secure electronic sharing of health information across the state.

HealthlinkNY would like to share with our participants and stakeholders the strategic plan for the SHIN-NY, HealthlinkNY, and the seven other Qualified Entities (QEs) throughout New York State that operate regional Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) just like HealthlinkNY. The 2020 Roadmap illustrates how the SHIN-NY will improve healthcare through creating a strong health information exchange across the state, supporting patient-centric and value-based care, increasing interoperability, and promoting efficiency of the SHIN-NY system. In an effort to help achieve this vision, HealthlinkNY will be looking to build upon their already robust HIE through all current and future participants contributing full data (C-CDA) and fully utilizing the HealthlinkNY HIE and the SHIN-NY.

Please click here to read the SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap