How HealthlinkNY's Alerting Service Plays an Integral Role in Mental Health Association of Rockland's Treatment

December 12th, 2017 - For many providing mental health treatment, having access to their clients’ complete record within HealthlinkNY’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) can make all the difference in the quality of care they are able to provide.

For Mental Health Association (MHA) of Rockland County’s Director of Adult Care Management, Nicole Annunziata, the greatest benefit of participating with HealthlinkNY, is their Alerts and the ability they give her staff to be alerted of their clients’ treatments outside of MHA Rockland.

Nicole is a licensed Mental Health Care Manager with “9 years of experience working with adults living with chronic health conditions, mental health diagnoses, and substance use disorders in Westchester and Rockland Counties.” Her staff of nine care managers, a supervisor, and two support staff have about 375 clients in their program that they have regular monthly contact with.

HealthlinkNY Alerts help MHA Rockland’s staff stay updated on their clients’ medical care and ultimately help staff collaborate more efficiently with the client’s  families and treatment teams which include PCP’s, outpatient medical providers, substance use treatment, therapists, and psychiatrists.

HealthlinkNY Alerts, How They Benefit Mental Health Care managers from Day 1

One of MHA Rockland’s goals is “…to keep our clients connected to outpatient behavioral health and medical health providers and decrease emergency department visits and inpatient admissions,” and with HealthlinkNY’s Alerts, they’re able to do just that. Through HealthlinkNY’s Next-Day Alerts, MHA care managers can be notified of any emergency department admissions/discharges of their clients allowing them to collaborate with that patient’s family and treatment teams to provide a higher level of care.

As soon as MHA Rockland receives a patient, they enter in that patient’s consent choice and view their medical record through HealthlinkNY’s Web Portal focusing on client’s medications, tests results, and hospital admissions. 

Nicole added that they “…now know much sooner when our clients have gone to the hospital. We are able to meet with people while they are in the hospital and be a part of the discharge planning.”

Before utilizing HealthlinkNY, Nicole and other mental health care managers had to use other sources to obtain their clients’ medical record that was not in real-time and often hard to obtain.

Alerts have proven vital in re-engaging clients with their treatment as well. Nicole noted that when some clients do not follow through with their treatment, they are able to obtain hospitalization information that helps them to seek out that patient and get them started with their treatment again.

MHA Rockland is a founding member of Coordinated Behavioral Health Services (CBHS), which is comprised of progressive, non-profit community behavioral health and disability service providers serving nine counties in the Hudson River region. For MHA Rockland, their mission is all about being able to provide individuals and their families the best care possible when it comes to their medical and behavioral health and with HealthlinkNY Alerts, they are able to make that mission a reality. 

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