HealthlinkNY Receives $1 Million to Continue HAPN for a Third Year

May 12th, 2016 - New York State DOH will fund the third year of HealthlinkNY’s Health Action Priorities Networks (HAPNs) in the Southern Tier and in the Hudson Valley as part of the state’s Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP).

Who’s the region’s biggest catalyst driving population health improvement? HealthlinkNY! In late 2014, New York State chose HealthlinkNY as the contractor for its Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP) in the Southern Tier and the Hudson Valley, and provided initial funding of $2 million for its first two years. With that grant, HealthlinkNY developed two collaborative Health Action Priorities Networks (HAPNs), with one in the Southern Tier of New York and the other in the Hudson Valley.

Now, New York State has granted HealthlinkNY more than $1 million to fund a third year through January 2018. “With our funding secure for a third year, we can keep our momentum going and put ideas into action,” says Christina Galanis, president and CEO of HealthlinkNY.

Galanis explains, “Our networks have made excellent progress in laying the groundwork for our programs. The HAPNs provide a neutral setting in which a broad group of stakeholders can think beyond their own programs and agree on priorities to address in each region. That is a remarkable achievement.”

Hudson Valley Priorities

In the Hudson Valley, the regional priorities are behavioral health and social determinants of health. To understand how socioeconomic status affects the way patients navigate the health system, HAPN is hosting a “Blueprint for Health Equity” to offer both a poverty simulation and privilege simulation for participants. The exercise will take place June 17th at Safe Harbors in Newburgh.

“We have invited providers, community-based organizations, and nonprofits to experience what it is like to run out of money, or make decisions between two hard choices, and how that might mean not showing up for an appointment,” says Adam Hughes, MPH, HealthlinkNY’s director of community initiatives. “Afterwards, participants will talk about what actions they can take to make their organizations more responsive. In six months, we will look at what they have done to see how it is working.”

Southern Tier Priorities

HAPN in the Southern Tier is focused on mental health and transportation disparities — important priorities in a region that does not have enough mental health providers or a public transportation infrastructure. “We chose these two priorities — mental health and transportation — because no one else is addressing these issues, and we believe we can collaborate and use existing resources in an innovative way to make a meaningful difference in those areas,” explains Hughes, MPH. (Read more about the Southern Tier’s goals here.)

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