HealthlinkNY Reaches Out to the Future of Health Information Technology

March 10th, 2015 - SUNY Broome Students learn about HealthlinkNY at the 4th Annual HIE Presentation on February 27th.

HealthlinkNY continues to make advancements in the Health Information Technology field at the 4th Annual Health Information Exchange Presentation. Crystal Felker, Senior Director of Programs and Services at HealthlinkNY spoke with Health Information Technology Seniors at SUNY Broome.
(SUNY Broome Health Information Technology Seniors with Crystal Felker, 2nd in from left)

According to The Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), Health Information Technology is an ever-growing field, employing more than 17 million workers. Nine out of ten doctors, dentists and administrators view technology as an essential tool in the future of health care.

Not only are Health IT professionals well paid and have great job security in this rapidly growing field, they also enjoy high job satisfaction. A full 80 percent of those working in the field are satisfied with their jobs. (2014 Salary Report)

The HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange is an invaluable tool in technological growth, allowing participating providers to access patient data through the HealthlinkNY HIE as well as feeding information back into the HIE for the access of other participating providers.