HealthlinkNY Offers Translated Brochures and Consent Forms in 19 Languages

November 9th, 2015 - HealthlinkNY is excited to better serve the population in our Health Information Exchange’s region by providing brochures, consent forms, and consent information sheets in 19 languages. Providers and healthcare organizations using the HIE can now request copies of these materials in the languages that their patient populations speak.

This wide variety of translated consent material will allow for more patients to learn about the HIE and the importance of consent, which allows their physicians to access their complete community medical record through the HealthlinkNY HIE. Physicians will now be able to direct patients to the HealthlinkNY website to learn more about HealthlinkNY by reading the brochure.

HealthlinkNY’s brochure, consent form, and consent info sheet are now available in the following languages: 

·         Arabic 

·         English

·         Haitian Creole

·         Polish

·         Ukrainian

·         Bengali

·         French

·         Hebrew

·         Portuguese

·         Urdu

·         Chinese

·         German

·         Hindi

·         Russian

·         Yiddish 

·         Czech

·         Greek

·         Italian

·         Spanish


To view the brochure, consent form, and consent information sheet in a specific language, patients can visit

If you are a provider connected to the HealthlinkNY HIE and would like to be supplied with translated consent materials to be given to patients at your practice, please contact

If you are a provider who would like to connect or access the HealthlinkNY HIE and Statewide Health Information Exchange please click here to learn more.