HealthlinkNY Now Offering Increased Web Training Services

December 15th, 2015 - Over the past several months, the HealthlinkNY team has been hard at work, developing new and improved virtual training sessions aimed at educating participants on the Health Information Exchange (HIE) and the services provided by HealthlinkNY. 

HealthlinkNY now offers a number of convenient, online training webinars used to help inform participants on consent collection and Web Portal usage as well as orient potential participants to the HIE and the benefits of participating. Whether it is your first time working with HealthlinkNY or you just need a refresh on how the HIE operates, the online training webinars are the perfect solution for those seeking further instruction on the services provided by HealthlinkNY. The following webinars are available upon request and at designated scheduled times:

  • The Consent Collection Series: covers general consent policies and procedures for properly collecting patient consent for the HealthlinkNY HIE. All individuals responsible for collecting HIE consent from patients must have a 
  • The Web Portal Consent Entry Series: explains the consent entry process through the HealthlinkNY Web Portal. Any Web Portal user who will be managing patient consent choices will need to complete this training before gaining access to the Web Portal to update patient consent indicators for their organization.
  • The Web Portal Access Training Series: reviews the different types of Web Portal Access roles and the information available to providers through the HealthlinkNY Web Portal, including the HealthlinkNY Community PACS Viewer tool.
  • The About Us Overview: This presentation allows the attendee to quickly learn about all facets of HealthlinkNY and the HIE as a whole. The presentation is great for those who are new to HealthlinkNY.
Each of these collections offer a comprehensive, yet detailed look at the services provided by the HIE and afford participants the chance to engage with the HealthlinkNY team on a personal level, with the aim of advancing provider utilization of the HealthlinkNY HIE. The online sessions generally run between thirty and sixty minutes and always offer a scheduled Q&A session following the presentation.

Pre-registration is not required for those who wish to participate, though HealthlinkNY does offer specialized training sessions based on personal request. Further information about the training webinars and a complete listing of scheduled times can be found here.