'Health Informatics' Highlights 'Just Say Yes!'

August 8th, 2016 - A prestigious national publication HealthlinkNY’s marketing campaign has boosted affirmative consents while educating consumers that sharing data is safe.

HealthlinkNY’s campaign to successfully boost patient consent is making news. HealthlinkNY saw a dramatic increase in affirmative consents the first month after its “Just Say ‘YES!’” marketing campaign started this spring, according to an article in Healthcare Informatics,In New York, Making It Easier for Patients to Say ‘Yes’ to Sharing Their Health Data.” HealthlinkNY now has more than 600,000 unique patient affirmative consents. The number of total affirmative consents, which includes consents given by the same patient to different providers, is approaching 1 million.

The “Just Say ‘YES!’” campaign was designed to educate consumers so they would sign consent forms at their providers’ offices when asked. However, Christina Galanis, HealthlinkNY president and CEO, told the publication, “We have found that [patients are not given consent forms to sign] all the time, at least to our satisfaction.”

The solution was to make consent forms available for consumers to download and bring to their next appointment. HealthlinkNY became the first Qualified Entity in New York State to offer patients downloadable consent forms customized for each of their participating providers. Galanis told Health Informatics that her vision is that patients will print out the forms and wave the paper in the air, saying they want to give consent to allow providers to share their data, rather than waiting to be asked.

The campaign delivers an important message: “It’s about making the patient aware and educated at the front end, which [increases] patients having trust in the system as well, knowing that it’s not easy to get their data—they have to give consent,” Galanis said in the article.