Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center Goes Live with a Bi-directional Connection to the HealthlinkNY HIE

On October 27th, the Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center (GHVFHC) began digitally submitting patient medical records to the HIE through a Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) connection.
The new bi-directional connection to the HealthlinkNY HIE not only sends a more comprehensive patient record but also allows physicians at GHVFHC to receive their patients’ community health record from the HIE directly into their electronic medical record system (EMR). This means that physicians will be able to view through their EMR a patient’s essential medical information, including encounter data, allergies, medications, immunizations, vitals, problems, and procedures from participants across the HealthlinkNY region directly within their own system, seamlessly integrating with their existing workflow. Now, with even less effort, providers can get more information on their patients in less time, which can translate to improved care outcomes and financial savings.
For patients, this new connection means that trips to the doctor will be quicker and more complete with reduced waiting times and adaptive treatment plans.  In addition, patients can expect to see the benefits of this new connection to the HealthlinkNY HIE in decreased medical bills due to the reduction of duplicate testing associated with future encounters. 
The Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center services a population of 22,000 patients annually in the Hudson Valley region and has provided comprehensive primary and preventive care services to its region for more than fifty years. There are eight Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center locations throughout the region that offer a wide variety of services with a new location expected to open soon in Binghamton. HealthlinkNY is excited to announce this new connection with the Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Centers and are optimistic that continued collaboration will make for better and more affordable healthcare in the years to come. 
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