Essential Enhancements to the HealthlinkNY PACS Viewer

March 10th, 2015 - HealthlinkNY works to enhance patient care through more complete diagnostic imaging

HealthlinkNY is excited to announce that in the coming months, new and substantial enhancements will be rolled out for the PACS viewer. The new changes will allow the system to display all PACS images for a specific patient, rather than linking only to the one image tagged on the transcribed report. This advancement also increases the speed with which the images are made available to providers as the report will no longer be required to view the images. This improves the functionality of the HealthlinkNY HIE and furthers efficiency for the participating providers.

The PACS viewer allows quick, one-click access, real-time images, manipulation tools to enhance provider discussions and data-secure images.

The new enhancements allow for rapid access to imaging, allowing providers to use real time image collaboration, whether it be through consulting with a colleague or a team discussion on a patient’s clinical care. 

HealthlinkNY will also be introducing the Image Exchange Results Delivery, which gives the ability to send PACS links in a secure and automated outbound messaging system. This makes for a more expedient and convenient delivery process of the images.

HealthlinkNY is dedicated to linking together people, places and technology to improve the delivery of your healthcare services. It is our belief that patients should be at the center of their healthcare network, along with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.