Enhancements Make Log-In Easier

October 18th, 2016 - We’ve heard you! We have upgraded our Web Portal to simplify your life and make HealthlinkNY more user-friendly than ever.


Ever forget your HealthlinkNY password and wish you could reset it easily online? Wish you had only one user name to remember when you log onto the HealthlinkNY Web Portal at different locations?

Well, your wishes have been granted! We have added new functionality to the HealthlinkNY Web Portal for an improved user experience. We released several important enhancements in September.

1. Easier Password Reset

Users can now reset their passwords if they have forgotten them, instead of having to call the HealthlinkNY help desk for a new password. For your security, this feature can be used only if you have entered your Social Security Number on your user form and if you have specified security questions. If you haven’t done so, call the HealthlinkNY help desk at 844-840-0050 or email support@healthlinkny.com.

2. Two Ways to Look Up Statewide Records

Now you can directly launch the Statewide Patient Record Look-Up (sPRL) by clicking on the sPRL link in the left-hand navigation bar instead of going to the patient’s summary page. Of course, you can continue to access sPRL from the patient summary page by clicking on the sPRL icon near the patient’s name at the top of the page.

3. Emergency Consent Choice

When patients opt to deny consent except in case of emergency, hospitals and urgent care facilities can now record the user’s choice under a new consent category called “Emergency.” Previously, this type of consent choice was categorized as “unspecified,” which is the default setting for patients who have not made a consent choice. This allows you and HealthlinkNY to monitor consent activities more accurately.

4. A Single User Name for All Locations

With so many physicians and other clinicians working at multiple locations, we have made it easier for you to log onto our Web Portal. Now, you no longer have to remember separate user names. You can request a single user name to use when you look up records at the hospital, your own practice, a clinic, or any legal entity with which you are associated. Be sure to request your user name today by contacting support@healthlinkny.com.

Got questions? Call our help desk at 844.840.0050 or email support@healthlinkny.com.  Want to let us know what you think? Email pr@healthlinkny.com