Dosage? Labs? Get Answers on the Road

November 16th, 2016 - When Lourdes and Guthrie hosted a Medical Mission At Home clinic at an Owego school, we were onsite to help them get a clearer picture of patients.

The good news is that the Medical Mission at Home traveling health clinic provides free care, health screenings, and medications in the Southern Tier to people without insurance or regular access to care. The bad news is clinic physicians operate in an information vacuum, because they typically are seeing patients for the first time, and do not have their medical records.

The best news:  with HealthlinkNY, traveling clinics can look up patient records, with the patient’s consent, any place there is an Internet connection. Last month, a Medical Mission at Home clinic at the Owego Elementary School proved how valuable HealthlinkNY can be when you’re on the road.

Organized by Lourdes Hospital and the Guthrie Medical Group, Medical Mission at Home holds one-day clinics at different locations where health services may be scare. Since both organizations are HealthlinkNY participants, we were able to pitch in and help staff obtain patient consent forms to allow clinicians to look up patient records in the Health Information Exchange (HIE).

“Many clinic patients do not have a regular doctor and seek care at different locations,” explains Kristy Aton, a HealthlinkNY account manager who worked alongside clinicians in Owego on October 22nd. Aton says providers were able to access existing patient records—even records outside the region, thanks to the HIE’s Statewide Patient Record Look-up (sPRL) feature. “Physicians used the sPRL feature frequently during the day,” she says.

What’s the Dose?

For one patient with diabetes, who did not take her medication regularly and could not remember the dosage, HealthlinkNY allowed her to get the medication she needed on the spot. This was fortunate, as a quick blood test showed her glucose levels were very high.

“With consent from the patient, a physician was able to look up her medical records through HealthlinkNY and check the dosage and review the patient’s historic glucose levels,” Aton says. The physician concurred that the dosage was right, and the patient left the clinic with a full supply of the right medication, at the right dose, and instructions to get follow-up care.

This is the third year HealthlinkNY has participated in Medical Mission at Home by helping providers access the records they needed through the HIE. To find out if HealthlinkNY can lend a hand to complete the picture at your offsite health event, contact us at 844.840.0050 or email