Consent is Key to Access the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE)

May 12th, 2015 - An outstanding 96% of patients permit consent to HealthlinkNY Participating Providers.

HealthlinkNY prides itself on the ability to deliver patient data safely and securely through its Health Information Exchange (HIE); however, HIE data is only accessible by a provider when a patient has given them consent to do so. By giving consent, a patient is allowing their doctor to view not only medical records from their office, but from any office they’ve visited that is connected to the HIE. This allows for a clear picture of a patient’s health.

The HealthlinkNY HIE acts as a repository that stores medical records for hundreds of participating providers in the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Southern Tier.

The information that can be found in the HIE consists of:

  • Contact Information
  • Medical & Family History
  • Doctor Visits & Hospital Stays
  • Lab Results
  • Medication & Allergies
  • Diagnoses, Procedures & Radiology
Patient data is only accessible through the HIE if a patient gives their doctor the right to use it. Therefore, the value of the HIE relies heavily on patients understanding the benefit of actively giving their providers consent.

The HealthlinkNY Provider Relations Team works actively to train each participating practice on how to properly collect and store patient consent forms. Each consent form is attached to a consent information sheet. This page gives patients a better understanding of what they are signing and how it could be beneficial to their care.

A patient has three consent choices:

  • “I Give Consent”- The provider specified on the consent form has the right to access all of the patient’s medical data
  • “I Deny Consent Except in a Medical Emergency”- Only in a medical or life-saving measure can a provider access the patient’s medical data
  • “I Deny Consent”- Under no circumstance can a provider access this patient’s medical data
Currently, an outstanding 96% of patients who make a consent choice for HealthlinkNY participating providers choose to permit access to their HIE records.