CHIROsport & spine Gains Access to the HealthlinkNY HIE on January 16th, 2015

January 26th, 2014 - At CHIROsport & spine it is essential for the practice to have access to their patient’s most current health information, and to readily communicate with other healthcare professionals.  Access to the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE) will streamline this process by allowing immediate access to patient’s records, and also by ensuring more effective communication with their providers.

CHRIOsport & spine opened its doors in April, 2014 in Endicott New York.  Dr. Brian Baldia has been practicing chiropractic care for the past 15 years, and Coleen Gaydorus, a Licensed Massage Therapist, has been working with Dr. Baldia for 12 years.  Access to the HealthlinkNY HIE will help the staff at CHIROsport & spine connect with other organizations for better healthcare outcomes.

As HealthlinkNY’s newest Web Portal user, CHIROsport & spine will be able to have more immediate access to patient’s most current health information for patients who give their consent. The HealthlinkNY HIE consolidates patient records from numerous providers in the region to help deliver a more comprehensive record in one click- including allergies and medication lists, existing and previous conditions, transcribed reports, and even radiology images. Enhanced availability of this kind of information helps to improve the quality of care for the patient while reducing costs and time associated with either manually gathering or not being able to otherwise obtain this information.

CHIROsport & spine’s goal is to provide affordable care for active families.  Dr. Baldia treats adults, children, athletes and non-athletes alike. In addition to manual adjustments, Dr. Baldia utilizes a state-of-the-art computerized instrument called a ProAdjuster to analyze, adjust and recheck his patients without twisting or cracking. Participating with HealthlinkNY is another innovative way Dr. Baldia and Coleen Gaydorus can employ technology to improve care for their patients.

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