Bethany Village Gracious Senior Living Improves Comfort and Care by Accessing the HealthlinkNY Web Portal

HealthlinkNY is excited to announce that Bethany Village is now live with access to the HealthlinkNY Web Portal. Bethany Village is located in Horseheads, NY not far from Corning, Elmira and Ithaca. With access to the HealthlinkNY Web Portal, providers and practitioners at Bethany will have greater access to patient records, and the residents will benefit from greater care coordination. HealthlinkNY anticipates that the web portal’s Statewide Patient Record Lookup (SPRL) feature will be a great asset for providers at Bethany. This feature will allow providers to query their patients’ records from wherever they have received care in New York State. 
Bethany Village campus offers seniors independent living as well as a 120 bed skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility. Founded in 1973, Bethany Village is a not-for-profit dedicated to the concept of continuing care, where residents are offered the lifestyle they desire, while receiving the services and assistance they deserve. Bethany recently opened a 20-bed short-term rehabilitation wing. Through their partnership with Alter-G, Bethany is the only skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in the area to offer the Anti-Gravity Treadmill and The Bionic Leg. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill is an underweighted rehabilitation treadmill, allowing patients to rehabilitate with less pain and more confidence. The Bionic Leg is a robotic rehabilitation device that provides patient initiated motor assistance during sit-to-stand exercises, over ground walking and stair climbing. 
HealthlinkNY is excited about our new partnership with Bethany and is confident that access to the HealthlinkNY Web Portal will greatly benefit both patients and providers at Bethany. Are you a skilled nursing facility that could benefit from connecting to the HealthlinkNY HIE? Click here to learn more. 
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