About the HealthlinkNY Annual Training: 

This recorded training will cover general consent information, Web Portal consent entry, and Web Portal Access training. This training is essential for all participants to attend on an annual basis. At the conclusion of this training, please complete the acknowledgment that you have fulfilled your annual training with HealthlinkNY.

To Recieve Credit for Completing the Annual Training Please Complete the Attestation: 

Click here to complete your annual training attestation   

Click the link above for a link to the annual training attestation email. If the link does not work, please email the HealthlinkNY Annual Training Attestation to pr@healthlinkny.com

Download the Annual Training Material:

Click the link below for the options to open or save the webinar training materials. The download includes a compressed folder (.zip) of all pdf materials. Click Save As, select the location you wish to save your materials and click Ok. You will need to right-click the folder and unzip to access the documents.

Click Here to Download Training Materials   

This training is available in-person if necessary. To request an in-person Annual Training please email pr@healthlinkny.com.