Announcing Summer Price Discounts of up to $76,000 to Help Providers Fully Connect to the Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Discounts Are Limited and Offered On a First-Come, First-Served Basis

June 22nd, 2018 - While business slows down for many companies in summer, HealthlinkNY will be busier than ever because they are offering healthcare providers generous summer discounts to fully connect and contribute data to the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE). For eligible providers, additional data exchange incentive funding through New York State may be  available for fully connecting to the HIE, which means the total value to providers could be up to $89,000.

“Our generous discounts encourage providers to act now rather than wait to connect their electronic health records to the HIE,” explains Staci Romeo, HealthlinkNY’s Executive Director. “If we want to improve care and avoid repeating tests, it is vitality important that providers contribute medical records to the HIE. Patients see many different healthcare providers, and they all should have access to their patients’ complete health history.”

The HealthlinkNY discounts are available to eligible healthcare providers and payers, social services programs, public health agencies, health homes, accountable care organizations, disaster relief agencies, and similar entities. To be eligible, providers need to sign a participation agreement with HealthlinkNY and begin contributing records by September 30, 2018. The HealthlinkNY discounts are available to new HealthlinkNY participants as well as existing participants who are not yet fully connected to the HIE; the secondary portion of the incentive, which may is available to certain eligible providers, includes limitations on existing data connections. Although more than 300 provider organizations have signed HealthlinkNY participation agreements already, many have not been sending their own patient records to the HIE.

The HealthlinkNY discounts are designed to encourage them to take that next step by offsetting the cost of connecting their EHRs to the HIE. Mrs. Romeo notes that in many cases, providers may find that their EHR vendor has already established a hub connection to HealthlinkNY, which would lower connection costs even further.

Mrs. Romeo says that the HealthlinkNY discounts can be as much as $76,000, depending upon the type of connection and services requested. New York State, with the support of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, may also provide an incentive of up to $13,000 for providers that meet its eligibility requirements. More information about the New York State incentives, which are administered by the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), is available at

Mrs. Romeo advises providers to act fast as the HealthlinkNY discount is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, the process of connecting an EHR system to the HIE and successfully contributing the required minimum data sets can take several weeks.


Providers can learn more about HealthlinkNY’s summer discounts by emailing; calling 844.840.0050; or at