Alerts make it easier to provide high-quality care

HealthlinkNY Alerts are now available for participating healthcare providers. Alerts will electronically notify clinicians when patients present at hospital in-patient facilities or emergency departments across our region and throughout New York State. The increased awareness provided by alerts during patients’ care transitions improves the quality of care and can ultimately result in fewer hospital readmissions and lower costs. HealthlinkNY Alerts are delivered via Direct Mail, a connected Electronic Health Record (EHR) as the event occurs, or via a next-day report.

Instantly update providers when their patients are admitted or discharged

When you subscribe a roster of patients to be monitored for alerts, HealthlinkNY pushes data and notification direction info your workflow for seamless integration. 

Alerts are available for the following events:

  • Inpatient Admission
  • Inpatient Discharge
  • Emergency Department Admission
  • Emergency Department discharge

An alert can be:

  • HealthlinkNY Direct Mail
  • Displayed directly in your EHR system

HealthlinkNY Alerts can support a variety of clinical workflows

  • Primary care physicians can be alerted almost immediately when their patients are hospitalized anywhere in New York State.
  • Care managers can be notified when a patient is discharged and requires support during the care transition. This ultimately can prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions.
  • Home care agencies can be notified when a patient with a chronic health condition is hospitalized, allowing agencies to schedule staff effectively and to participate in discharge planning.
  • The Alerts functionality is designed to support clinical workflow. 


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