Just What the Doctor Ordered!

February 8th, 2017 - Want to know when your patient has been admitted or discharged? Now, HealthlinkNY can alert you. 

One of the biggest information gaps in healthcare occurs between hospitals and primary care practices. A physician may not know a patient has gone to the emergency department or been admitted to the hospital unless the patient mentions it later. At a time when value-based payments reward care coordination and penalize avoidable hospital readmissions, physicians need to know in real-time when their patients are admitted or discharged from the hospital.

To physicians and care managers, provider alerts delivered via the HealthlinkNY Health Information Exchange (HIE) are a game-changer. When patients present at emergency departments, their primary care physicians can be alerted, giving them the opportunity to possibly prevent an inpatient admission.

Alerts also may help reduce the number of avoidable re-admissions. A hospital discharge can trigger an alert to a provider that a patient has been released. The provider can then call and schedule a follow-up appointment if the patient neglects to do so.

“Physicians are frustrated when they have to play catch-up because they don’t have a systematic way of knowing what is happening to their patients,” explains Christina Galanis, President and CEO of HealthlinkNY. “Provider alerts change that. Soon, providers will wonder how they were able to care for patients with complex needs, such as the elderly or someone with multiple chronic conditions, before they had provider alerts.”

Although Ms. Galanis urges providers to obtain consent from all of their patients, she notes that patient consent is not always necessary if the provider organization is named by the organization that sends the alerts. Providers can choose to receive individual alerts in real time, or have them bundled into a daily digest. The alerts can be imported directly into an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, sent via Web mail and HISP-HISP, or in a next day batch file.

Coming Soon! State-wide Alerts Across QEs

Patients travel; therefore, alerts should, too. HealthlinkNY will soon be able to send and deliver alerts to HIEs operated by other Qualified Entities (QEs) throughout New York State. For every admission, discharge, register, and status change from outpatient to inpatient, HealthlinkNY will query the Statewide Master Patient Index (sMPI). If the patient is found in another QE, HealthlinkNY will route the alert to the QE, which in turn will alert the patient’s providers.

Now, Results Routing & Delivery

In addition, HealthlinkNY can now deliver results and reports sent by other providers to the HIE directly into your organization’s EHR system to be viewed and stored. This option is available for all patients, whether or not they have given consent, as long as your provider organization is named on the report as ordering, referring, admitting, attending, cc’d, or dictating.

How to Set Up Alerts

Clinicians can begin receiving alerts and results delivery by notifying HealthlinkNY. Contact us at pr@healthlinkny.com or call our deployment team at 844-840-0050. Click here to learn more!