5 New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

January 16th, 2017 - Take these steps, and your provider organization will get a lot more out of the Health Information Exchange!

If snow and cold weather have kept you from acting on your New Year’s resolutions, not to worry--it’s only mid-January so you’ve got plenty of time to try again. Consider these five suggestions from HealthlinkNY. They are easy to keep, because we are here to help you!

1. Conduct a Statewide Patient Record Lookup (sPRL)

HealthlinkNY allows you to look up patient records for any encounter or patient in New York State, as long as the patient gives consent and the provider participates in a local Health Information Exchange (HIE). Students, skiers, tourists, and outdoor enthusiasts travel to take advantage of New York State’s recreational facilities.  Look up their statewide records by clicking sPRL on the HealthlinkNY web portal menu, or click on the sPRL icon at the top of the patient’s record, right next to the name. (See our SPRL Quick Start Guide.)

2. Read—and use—your monthly utilization reports

HealthlinkNY sends our participants monthly utilization reports so you can see which clinicians are looking up records and how many patient consents your organization has collected. These numbers make it easier to spot opportunities to boost clinician use, as well as areas where HealthlinkNY’s account managers can provide extra support. Share the numbers with clinicians and staff. It will encourage HIE use and efforts to obtain consent.

3. Sign up for HealthlinkNY patient alerts

Did you know that HealthlinkNY offers nearly instant alerts to let you know your patient has been hospitalized or discharged? Primary care providers, home care agencies, Medicaid Health Homes, or DSRIP PPS care managers can get a heads up to support patients and families during the care transition, and make sure they understand their discharge instructions. HealthlinkNY also offers “Results Delivery” to route lab results, transcribed reports, and imaging reports directly to your HIE-connected electronic health record (EHR) system.  You can set alerts for a specific list of individuals or all of your patients. To set up alerts, email the HealthlinkNY Deployment team at pr@healthlinkny.com or call 844-840-0050. (Read more about HealthlinkNY alerts here.)

4. Include a HealthlinkNY consent form every time you sign in a patient

Tuck a consent form and a consent information sheet onto the clipboard you give to patients when they check in. Ask front desk staff to call attention to the consent form and explain to patients why their affirmative consent will benefit their treatment.  Check out our consent tips, including a script to give the front desk.

5. Encourage other provider organizations to participate in HealthlinkNY

This is the easiest resolution of all. Forward our On Track newsletter to them, or send a link to our provider services page. Tell them that connecting to HealthlinkNY is easy, and HealthlinkNY will connect them for free or at a very low-cost. This will help you and every other provider, because the more organizations that contribute data to the HIE, the more valuable the HIE will be.

So, Happy New Year! Here’s to seeing a more complete picture of your patients in 2017!