12 Practices Go-Live in MEDNET Hub Project

June 11th, 2015 - HealthlinkNY pushes 12 practices live through its MEDENT Hub Project for a bi-directional connection to the Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Twelve practices in the Southern Tier and Hudson Valley Regions are now live through the MEDENT Hub Project with a bi-directional Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (CCD-A) connection to the HealthlinkNY HIE. The following practices are now actively utilizing the connection:

  • Cardiology Associates
  • Endwell Family Physicians
  • Karen Banks-Lindner MD
  • Keith Nichols MD
  • Santé Comprehensive Women's Healthcare
  • Suresh Undavia MD PLLC
  • Tier Orthopedics Associates, PC
  • Hudson Valley Gastroenterology
  • Hudson Valley Health Group
  • Drs. Engels & Lindgren Family Medicine 
  • Premier Medical Group of the Hudson Valley
  • Hurley Ave Family Medicine
The bi-directional CCD-A connection  allows participants to contribute data to the HIE as well as parse information and send it safely and securely in the form of a Care Summary that can be shared with other participating providers through the MEDENT hub.

From a patient perspective, this means that medical data can immediately travel from one physician to another safely, creating better quality care. It also means lowering the cost of care and the risk of test duplication for patients and physicians.

A total of 12 medical practices throughout the Southern Tier and Hudson Valley Region that have signed on to this connection through the MEDENT Hub Project and are currently contributing to the HIE.

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