10 Tips to Look Up Patient Record--Fast--on the HealthlinkNY Web Portal

February 16th, 2016 - We’re making it easy for you: The HealthlinkNY Web Portal now lets you look up your patient’s medical records — without information overload — through New York State’s Statewide Patient Record Lookup (SPRL). Here are 10 tips to help you easily find what you need.

Find your patient—fast!

TIP: Type in the first two letters of the last name to display a list of possible names.

TIP: For common last names, refine the search by adding more demographic information, such as gender or first name.

TIP: Further limit your search to inpatients, outpatients, or emergency patients.

Get what you need directly from the patient summary page

TIP: The Patient Summary view displays the patient’s active problems/procedures, medications, allergies, results, reports, and visit information — all in one page.

TIP: Customize the layout so the information you need the most is displayed first.

TIP: You can view lab results and transcription reports directly from the summary page.

TIP: You can query patient information from across the state by clicking the “InterExchange” button on the top of the summary page.

Compare lab results over time

TIP: The portal’s “Results Viewer” allows you to sort a panel of tests or reports. The “View by Date” screen displays the last 10 results by date in reverse chronological order. Click on the results you want to view.

TIP: You can graph results to show patients.

TIP: You can print the list of results as well as graphs to add to patient’s records. 

Got questions or have a tip to share? Send them to pr@healthlinkny.com